Today I am writing you from a place full of snow, German Guys and Czech Girls. It is very high and everyone is drinking more champagne than usually. 1400 Meters above the ground, all these guys know the same kind of lyrics and sing them along. „Hey, wir wollen die Eisbaeren sehn, oh wo wo oho“. Yes darling, I am in the Austrian Alpes, in that international funky resort called Ischgl. The sweet lil village got famous for throwing picturesque pop concerts on the mountains. Elton John, Tina Turner, Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Anazona – just to name a few. Oh wait, right I am not singing tonight. Whatever – I am dancing tonight. Pacha Ischgl brings that kind of Ibiza Flair into the alps, and I have met this Brazilian DJ that spinns here. Obviously I have met countless guys that wanted to invite me for some drinks, but there are not so many girls round here, so keep your compliment mate. Right, skiing is bloody expensive and this could be a reason why I see more guys than girls. Or maybe we just like to hang out at the beach a bit more, but whatever I am on fire tonight and I am gonna drink Jaegerbombs and might even have a mens strip. Did I say Mans strip? One of these crazy Ideas Guenther Aloys has had. He is the godfather of modern tourism pop culture in that area and besides of countless beautiful eastern European girls that dance here, he even invited a few boys this time too.

Not a single region in Austria has more internationally star priced restaurants than this region and you can’t visit them all in one single holiday. Sushi at Lucy Wang, Steak at the Grill Alm, or a fine dining 6-course Menu at Art Gallery, Hotel, and Restaurant Elizabeth are just a few mentionable eating choices in Ischgl. My jacket is from Moncler, cuz I gotta look sharp when I hit the mountain tomorrow morning. Lunch at the Mountain VIP Club, that means Steak, Schnitzel or Lobster above thousands of meters. Did I mention yet that you can eat good round here? The slogan of the village is „relax if you can’ so many apres ski bars make it hard for guests to choose the sauna or wellness instead. But I am hustlin, you know that, I did the drinking, did the sauna and I even did some work out hey.

Alright in villages like this you can experience why Austria is a different country than Germany. People are more friendly, the quality of hospitality is truly amazing and the life in the Alpes is surely different than in the Ruhrpott. Were singing, dancing and drinking all day long, forgetting the serious life that is going on outside of Austria. Famous writer Hermann Hesse once said, Austria is like a bubble, no one cares about what its happening outside of the bubble, but no one is interested what happens inside in it as well. It is a lil time out, a time out from stress and reality above the clouds and in the mountains. A time out I can suggest, but probably i would not have it too often, otherwise my main topic of the day would maybe be the current snow situation. That is a bit too much Austria for me then. So taste the vibe and then we are off. New stories soon.

X Anazona.